Pegasus Client Placement

Welcome to the BB&A Client Placement System.

The BB&A Client Placement System allows clients to efficiently and effectively submit new claims using the latest in collections software technology. As a complimentary service for our clients, the Client Placement System allows clients to input information on new claims, and receive same day confirmation of the new submission via e-mail.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by clients using the Pegasus System are as follows:

  • Maximized Recoveries:Time is money. Because our client placement system imports new cases directly into our database, collection efforts can be initiated minutes after your submission.
  • Easy to Use:The electronic form clearly guides clients on both required and optional information to assist BB&A in their recovery efforts, and even takes less time and effort than through the fax referral process.
  • Information Clarity:By submitting claims through the Pegasus Client Placement System, there is never concern about never concern about faxed submissions properly coming though, allowing BB&A to focus on the recovery process.

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